Leather Care

It is recommended to wear the jacket around the house after receiving shipment to “relax” the leather. This will help to soften the leather and remove any creases from shipping. Make sure to hang your jacket on a thicker hanger to prevent a “white line” on the shoulders of your jacket from the weight. Wood hangers work well. Also try to avoid plastic covering over your jacket for long periods, the leather needs to breathe, and plastic can cause unwanted moisture. Instead of plastic, cover your jacket with a cotton sheet or a breathable garment bag.  

Leather does need some care to keep your jacket looking new. It’s important that leather is away from moisture, especially in tropical climates, you might need a little more effort to care for your leather jacket. Have a moisture absorbing packet in the pockets to keep it dry, they seem to work well. Leather will become moldy if there is moisture in your closet or after a few rainy days. Moisture packs can be bought online and at local stores. Check on your jacket periodically for any changes in color or white mold. 

If you do see mold some say to use rubbing alcohol and one part water with a dampen cloth. IF YOU USE ALCOHOL ON YOUR LEATHER, DO NOT RUB HARD, YOU MAY RUB THE COLOR OFF. Alcohol is a harsh chemical on leather, just dab it. We recommend using a conditioner, it does the job well and won’t discolor the leather. 

Having your jacket in direct sunlight for a long period of time may cause it to crust and peel. Avoid leaving your leather jacket in a hot car with the sun rays on it. If you do wear it outdoors often, use a leather conditioner on your jacket to make it last longer. 

It’s important to condition the leather every few months or after a trip. These conditioners are found online, look for one with good reviews. This (Moneysworth & best leather lotion pour cuir) conditioner works well since it keeps the original leather smell and can be applied to any color. 

When dealing with scratches, faded or scuffs on your jacket after a hard day, use a coloring balm and leather restorer conditioner. This will hide the scratches and scuffs and make your jacket looking new again. Try this coloring balm (drtulz black recoloring balm) it does wonders. 

There are many different ways to maintain your leather jacket. Keeping your jacket well-conditioned will make you feel confident and looking sharp.