Here are some frequently asked questions

How long does it take to receive my jacket?

    • Jackets that are from our current inventory can be delivered within a week depending if there are alterations or not, either picked up in person or mail to you.
    • Jackets that needs the sleeves custom tailored may take a week to complete and another 3 days to mail.
    • Jackets that are completely tailored will take about 2 weeks to complete and ship, depending on shipping times, seasonal may take longer. We will keep you informed.

Can I see the jacket in person and try it on?

    • Yes, please email us @ info@blackleathercompany.com

Is the leather real?

    • Absolutely, the leather is made of lambskin, it very soft and pliable. The leather isn’t thick like cow hide, it’s very thin,  lightweight and breathable. This makes it good for tropical weather and even in summers (thinner lining)


    • All jackets that are custom ordered will come with a thin single layer of lining.

Can I get a refund on my jacket?

      • If your jacket has been tailored meaning custom made or it had a sleeve adjustment, we cannot accept the jacket back because it’s tailored to fit you and only you.
      • Non-tailored jackets are accepted within 7 days of purchase, though it has to be in the same condition as you received it.

Please review our Refund and Return policies