How to measure yourself

Here is a printable measuring tape.

Chest– Measure around the fullest part of the chest or bust (do not puff up your chest), we will allow a few inches for the jacket to be comfortable.

Waist– Measure around the widest part of the stomach to get an accurate measurement.


Hips (women)– Measure around the widest part of the hips to get an accurate measurement.

Biceps– Measure around the widest part of your flexed biceps, to make sure that the arms won’t be too tight.

Shoulder– Measure from one edge of the shoulder to the other, across the back from shirt seam to seam.

Jacket length– Measure from the upper end of the shoulder where it joins the neck to the length required (you can use one of your own jacket)

Sleeve length– Place tape where sleeve joins body of the jacket and measure to length desired. I recommend getting your favorite fitting jacket and measure the length.

Here is a link to a how to video.

Below is a jacket graphic download that you will help you with filling out your sizes. Download and complete the form by filling in the blank boxes with your sizes, take a photo of the form and email it to