Welcome to Black Leather Company, located in USA, Hawaii.

A well fitted leather jacket often makes a person feel confident and comfortable while still looking good. Buying and owning a leather jacket should be a personable experience, almost like buying a car. If well taken care of, your leather jacket can be a lifelong investment and maybe down the road you may want a another. Each jacket should fit your personality and describe who you are.

People dream of owning a nice fitted leather jacket, more than often you’ll find that perfect leather jacket that’s within your budget but the sleeves are too long, so you then decide not to get it. To avoid this situation, we offer custom sleeve shortening for the men’s Classic style and also tailored made jackets for both men and women. We have the men’s Classic (Black) style leather jackets in stock so you won’t need to wait for them.

You will find that our prices are very competitive and the jacket quality is comparable to other larger retailers. Each jacket is inspected and all jackets are made of 100% real lambskin leather and 100% cotton with a layer of polyester lining to keep you nice and warm.

Leather Jacket shell and lining

All jackets have a padded lining and are very durable. Custom orders have options of lining type. You are able to choose either a single layer of lining which is much cooler and works well for warmer climates, or a double layer of lining for those colder climates.

The jackets are light weight and made of soft quality material. The outer shell is made of very smooth and soft 100% lambskin leather. This jacket is perfect to keep you warm and yet comfortable on a cool night or winter day.